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Monday Marketing Must Do #46

Let's go through The Big D together! (not that Big D silly!)

Momentum 20 Sales Training Seminar - Dallas, TX - November 1st, 2018

The best single day of sales training available in the industry. More proven, more tested, better results than you can find anywhere else and we're coming to Dallas on November 1st.

Learn the complete Momentum 20 Selling Strategy that is helping agencies worldwide experience dramatic revenue and census growth!

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You have until Wednesday October 10 to join the final Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar class of 2018! We're one week in but you can still catch up via the recordings of previous webinars and personal access to Michael G to get all of your questions answered.

This training won't happen again until 2019 so get all the details and register today!

Now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do.

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am:

Don't believe the hype!

Referrals are down?

No, they are not. Not in hospice, home healthcare, or private duty. Don't believe me? Read this article from our friends at Home Healthcare News about the increase in Medicare home health referrals. Seniors are aging up into Medicare eligibility at record pace. Guess what that means? The population of patients and clients that need hospice and private duty care follows in lockstep.

I've talked to a number of you over the past 3-4 weeks that have told me "All of my referral sources say their census is down". To that I say....some are telling you the truth, and many aren't. There is simply no shortage of patients or referrals to go around, nor is there some sudden dip around the US of people needing home care.

So, if you're not getting the referrals, where are they going?

To your competition.

As we've discussed a number of times before, most people in healthcare are very nice. They are the type of people that love to care for others, but would love to avoid any conflict. They'll tell you things that they think will make you feel better and also will help them avoid a real, honest conversation about your relationship and if they are truly considering your agency for patient care.

Why? Because it's easier for them than saying "no". But, it's not easier for you....at least not in the long run.

I'm certain there are some facilities where census is truly down. It's almost always a temporary situation caused by a number of factors beyond anyone's control. I'm also sure that many of the people telling you "census is down" can more easily say that than, "Hey, I give most of my referrals to ABC homecare and I'm probably not going to have much for you now or ever".

If you continue to accept "census is down" then you'll do 2 very damaging things to your sales career:

1. You will wait for census to be up and for you to somehow begin getting the referrals that you feel you should. During this process you will waste sales time on an account that has no intention of referring and you'll take time from another account where you could develop a deep relationship and actually grow your business.

2. You'll never have the direct sales conversation it will take to let these people know that you understand they are probably favoring other agencies, but you still want your chance to join that select group.

It's time for you to choose how YOU are going to shape these relationships and stop being a passive bystander....hoping something will come out of them when "census goes back up".

Referrals are NOT down. Not anywhere. People are aging and they need the help that your agency provides. The only question that remains:

Are you willing to do what it takes to help them?

I hope so....

Good Selling

Michael Giudicissi

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