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Monday Marketing Must Do #45

THIS WEEK! Starts Wednesday October 3rd

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Now onto the Monday Marketing Must Do!

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:30am: Stop making it OK to NOT refer to you!

I had a conversation last week with a sales rep who said (I'm paraphrasing):

Rep: "Ok, so what do I do about those accounts that keep asking me for stuff (coffee, donuts, lunches, trinkets) and say they'll refer but never do?"

Answer: STOP!!!

Rep: "Ok, that's kind of what I was thinking"

First of all, you don't need ANY of that stuff to build a quality relationship and generate referrals, but that's beside the point. The real key is that you have a referral source that is asking you for "stuff". You give them "stuff". They say they'll refer because you gave them "stuff", but they never do. So, you give them more "stuff" (because they ask for it) and hope that this "stuff" will get them to refer, but it doesn't.

Do you see the trap you are falling into?

You are rewarding them for NOT referring! The more they don't refer, the more you reward them (hoping they will). When they don't you reward them even more! And of course, they don't refer.


Because in this type of relationship it's a better deal for them NOT to refer. It's a sure thing. They don't refer and you keep bringing "stuff". Now, there might be better "stuff" if they did refer (I sure hope not because you're getting dangerously close to breaking the law) BUT, they don't know that. It's an unknown. Perhaps the "stuff" will stop when they start referring! So, you have trained them well and rewarded them for not ever referring to you.

Right now, this minute, I want you to make a list of every account that you are rewarding for not referring to you. It doesn't just have to be "stuff" either. You might have become their professional friend who asks about their weekend, their relationship, their kids. The reward for them is that you come by and they get to talk about themselves. What do you get? Nothing...because that's what the reward says for them to do.

Make a list of every account you have like this, and whatever the "reward" is that you're giving them.


Stop rewarding bad behavior. Do you do that with your kids? Of course not, so why do it with adults.

Change the conversation and stop bringing "stuff" to the relationship and see if you can turn it around. In some cases the rewarded behavior is so ingrained that you'll never change it. In that case you need to wait for that person to leave their job (which happens often in healthcare) and then don't repeat the mistake with the new person.

Pavlov called this behavior "conditioned response" and it's a proven psychological fact.

Try different programming.....and get different results.

The best place to learn how to do this is in our 10 Week Webinar program beginning on Wednesday. Don't miss it!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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