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Monday Marketing Must Do #39

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Monday 8:15am: Fall In

Can you feel it? We're just getting some cooler temperatures in the morning. Summer is still in full force in most areas of the country, but kids are heading back to school and it's about to be the Fall Selling Season. What does this mean for you?

First, how was your Summer? If you've been following along with each week's Must Do I expect it was great.....a record breaker for you and your agency. You kept up the pace (or even increased it) of selling while your competitors put their feet in the pool and cooled off. You stayed hungry for business while they let themselves believe the summer was going to be slower. If so, congratulations. Remember, there were a LOT of referrals made over the Summer. I hope you got more than you expected.

Now, Fall is almost here. It's like harvest season for home care referrals. Physicians are back from vacation, elective surgeries are being scheduled, the heat has lifted and people are reenergized to get more work done. Ok, so how to we use this to our advantage?

It's time to go deep.

In the Summer, reps ran around from place to place getting referrals from anywhere they could. 1 here, another one there.....they took what they could get. In the Fall, it's time for you to get MORE from each of your key referral sources simply because they have more patients to refer. Don't increase your account list from 20 to 35 because you think you have a great chance of getting more business. That's what your competitors will do. Instead, take a look at the last 8 months of referral history in each of your key accounts and determine how you'll get one more per month from each of them. If you were averaging 2 referrals per month from ABC Rehab, figure out what they need to learn, know, and remember in order to make that 3rd referral. The beauty of "going deep" is that these are referrals that often get overlooked, so your competition isn't getting them either.

If you were digging for buried treasure and found a few gold coins...what would you do? Run around to 10 different places looking for more? Or, would you dig deeper to see if the mother load was buried just a little deeper under the soil? Where there IS business there is probably MORE business. Fall is the time to dig deeper and find out how much.

If you need more guidance on this, our 10 Week Webinar training program is a great place to get it. It starts this Wednesday and you don't want to miss getting a jumpstart on Fall sales growth. Less than $100 per week for the most recognized, proven sales training in the home care industry. Register here for the program.

Have a great week and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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