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Monday Marketing Must Do #36

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Now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do.

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: What did you learn last week?

Did you complete last week's assignment? Did you measure your actual selling time each day? I hope so, because within that data are some powerful insights that you can use to increase your sales results.

In my mind there are 3 groupings you might fall into:

1. Less than 10 actual selling minutes per day

2. Between 10-30 selling minutes per day

3. More than 30 selling minutes per day

Where did you rank?

I'm assuming that you consider yourself a full time salesperson/marketer. If not, you'll need to adjust my comments based upon the number of hours you sell each week.

Group 1 - Not enough selling time. If you're making a solid 7-10 calls per day you're getting 1 minute of selling time per call. That's not enough to get your point across, answer key questions, and close for the business. For these people I would suggest a lot more pre call planning to make sure you are sure of what you are going to focus on in each sales call. Also, if your calls tend to have a lot of "social time" conversation, make sure it is being driven by your referral sources and not by you.

Group 2 - You're in the sweet spot of home care marketing success. Assuming 7-10 good sales calls you've got 2-3 minutes of real selling in each call. That's plenty of time to deliver the message, handle the objection, and close for the referral. Well done!

Group 3 - TMI. Too much information my friends. If you're putting 4+ minutes of selling into each sales call you are boring your referral sources and they are checking out after the first 30 seconds (or sooner). You might think more is better, but in our fast paced sales environment , it isn't. You need to practice your presentations so you make the point you want to in 30-90 seconds, handle the objection, and close for the referral. If you are spending 4+ minutes of real selling time (on average) in each call you are beating your referrals sources over the head with info. I would also be willing to bet you are making the same point several times during the call which tends to not end well. Practice, make yourself perfect, and be confident in a shorter time frame.

I hope this exercise was enlightening to you. While each individual that you call on will have a different tolerance for the amount of time they can be sold to, these averages are extremely useful to figure out why you are underperforming, or why you are so effective when other reps might not be. I would suggest you run your averages every 90 days to see if you've drifted out of the "Ideal Zone" and make the appropriate adjustments.

Say it, mean it, close it. That's the success method for home care sales.

Have a great week and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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