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Monday Marketing Must Do #35

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5 Traps Webinar Program Launched!

We introduced our new, advanced 5 Traps Holding You Back From Explosive Sales last week in a live seminar in Coconut Creek, FL. The response was so positive that we're bringing this powerful training to YOU, wherever you are. We are proud to introduce our new 5 Traps Webinar series. This 5 week live webinar program helps good reps eliminate the traps they are stuck in that prevent explosive sales growth. These are the very same traps that I personally coach my clients out of during our one on one coaching. The first class begins on August 16th, so check out the details and register today.

Onsite Training Gives Your Team The Edge

Late summer/early fall is the perfect time to bring a full day sales training seminar into your office. As we ramp up for the busy fall selling season, give your team the edge they need to succeed. Onsite seminars allow for training, role playing, problem solving, and to see your team under the microscope to evaluate their needs and their potential. Book your fall sales meeting today. Call our office at 877-798-2530 or email us.

And now, onto the Monday Marketing Must Do

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Unstick yourself

Last week I presented a new sales training program to a great group of reps in Coconut Creek, FL. In it, I presented the 5 traps that prevent good sales rep from getting great results in home care sales. All of these traps are based on my 17 years of experience in the home care industry. They are the most prevalent time and results killers that I've seen. Even "good" sales reps have up to (and beyond) a 40% upside in sales in their territory. Average reps can grow even more.

That said, you might have these and other traps robbing you of sales performance so this week's assignment is to figure out your own "sales trap". This week I want you to log your "selling minutes" for every sales call you make. That is, when you are talking specifically about referrals, education, patient follow up, etc...take note of how many minutes you do that in each call. Now, you might be in a sales call for 45 minutes, but much of that could be waiting, engaging in social talk (which isn't always bad...and often necessary), or some other non sales related activities.

When you are done with the call, put the number of minutes of real selling you did in your CRM or calendar. Add those minutes up at the end of the day, and then total them for the week.

What number did you get? Are you surprised by it?

If your "selling minutes" are less than 20 per day, I want you to go back and analyze what things you are doing that are taking you away from selling. What activities are you regularly partaking in during your selling day that won't even allow you to sell for 20 solid minutes?

You might think "20 minutes? That's not much at all", but if you are tracking only the actual selling conversations, 20 minutes per day is average in the industry. That's 8 calls x 2.5 minutes of selling per call. If your selling minutes are more than 20 minutes per day, that MIGHT be good....or you might be giving WAY too much information and turning people off.

For this week, don't change anything....just track it. I'd be interested to hear your number for week. Email me with your results. Don't worry, I'll keep you and your number in confidence.

Let's figure out how you can free up more selling time and get more results starting next week.

If you would like more guidance and training on this issue, simply register for our 5 Traps Holding You Back From Explosive Growth webinar series beginning August 16th.

Have a great week and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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