June 15, 2020

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Stability Rules

April 13, 2017

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Monday Marketing Must Do #33

July 9, 2018

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am: Do the math


Your sales have grown...yes? 


They should have if you're following each week's tips and advice. Your referrals should steadily be growing along with your confidence, closing ability, and success ratio. 


Great! Now what?


Now, during what might be a slight lull in the action, it's time to set some concrete goals. Good things happen sometimes without a goal, good things happen many times with a goal, great things happen often with a goal and a plan. It's time to have a goal and a plan.


Since you have just finished up your bi annual requalifying, it's time to use that key info to set a referral growth goal for each of your Top 20 accounts. Let's do it.


The goal you set should take you from where you are (your current average number of monthly referrals) to where you commit to be by the end of December. If one of your Top 20 accounts is returning an average of 3 referrals per month, and during the course of your qualifying you have found out they are averaging 10 total referrals per month, you are getting 30%. What's your goal? 40%? 50%? In other words, where can you realistically grow your referrals to over the next 6 months. Once you've set the goal (let's say 50% or 5 referrals per month), then we can draft a plan to help you get there. The first step is obviously to get a 4th referral in a month. Then, you need to solidify that 4th referral every month. Once that is achieved you'll work on getting that 5th referral. I'm sure you get the idea.