• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #22

8am: Read this newsletter

8:15am: Decide on your Plus 1


I hope your Spring selling season is going fantastically like it is for most of my clients. This week I have an important task for you.

When you hunker down and do some real selling (like we've been guiding you to) it's very easy to lose sight of an important healthcare fact.

Things change in health care regularly....rapidly....in fact, as we speak.

So, to make sure you are protecting yourself, your agency, and your account list from becoming stagnant...this week we're going "Plus 1" on every sales call.

Every time you make a planned sales call this week, I want you to "Plus 1" it and make a cold/qualifying call nearby. As long as the facility or office MIGHT make referrals, it will work for our purposes. Why?

Well, as noted, people change jobs often. The person you meet in that "we never refer" doctor's office might show up at the rehab in a few months and you'll already have the introduction. That building you've been driving by because it didn't seem like it was worth your time might contain a physician that refers regularly. That person you meet who really can't help you with referrals might know some key information about your target facilities because they have a friend that works there.

Do you see? For one week, give me a "Plus 1" on every sales call and see if you don't learn something new and valuable.

By doing this for a week, you're going to meet 20-40 new people that you might never have met otherwise. Imagine the collective information and market intelligence those people have? Imagine how much more strategic you can be when you know what they know. And of course, imagine if you find a diamond in the rough referral source that winds up on your key account list?

It's difficult to judge a book by it's cover, and it's harder to judge a referral source from the way their building looks, or what part of town they are in. So....don't. Get in there, get your qualifying questions ready, and be prepared for a week of learning that your competitors will probably never get.

Circle May 9th on your calendar, as that is the start of our next 10 Week Home Care Marketing Accelerator webinar program. Our current classes are doing amazing work in the field, generating new referrals, walking out of sales calls with referrals in hand! Are you? If not, you need to sign up and learn a professional selling strategy that wins more business and grows homecare, home health, and hospice agencies. Register today so you don't miss the start on May 9th.

I hope you and your Plus 1 enjoy this week. I'm willing to bet that some of you find it so valuable that you're going to include it as a monthly or quarterly event to keep your list full of fresh, new prospects.

July 19th is drawing closer and THE sales training event of the year is taking place in South Florida. Get the details on Advanced Behavioral Sales Training to take your sales to the next level, and I'll meet you in Ft. Lauderdale!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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