• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #20 - Here's A Quarter

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am - Call someone who cares :-)

Congratulations! You've reached the quarter pole of 2018. If you've been on this sales journey with me, you'll remember that one of your key tasks early in January was to set goals for each of the key accounts on your list. We'd be remiss if we didn't check in at the end of Q1 and see how we are doing versus those goals.

Today, I want you to pull your results from the first 90 days for each account on your key referral source list. Then, I want you to go back to your monthly projections and compare your results. You can have one of 3 simple outcomes:

1. You have exceeded your goal for that account - Congratulations! What can you learn by studying what you have done to increase your sales in other accounts?

2. You have met your goal in that account - Congratulations! You followed your plan and did exactly what you intended to. Would you like to set another, higher quarterly goal for Q2?

3. You didn't meet your goal in that account - Ok, we have a few questions to answer.

a) Did you work the plan you set out? (if so, no worries, you probably need a new plan.

b) Was your goal too aggressive based up the total available referrals? (ok, we can reduce the goal to something more reasonable, and more achievable)

c) Was there some significant market or competitive change that you could not have accounted for?

If you didn't meet your goals and you did do the work, you simply need to dig piece by piece through the result to find out what you need to change. If you didn't meet your goals and did NOT do the work, it's time to saddle up and get on board.

A great place to start is our current Home Care Marketing Accelerator program, You missed the first session last week, but not to worry, you can still register, catch the session replay and catch up so you're ready for this week's session on Wednesday, April 4th. We'll have 9 weeks of training and coaching together to make sure you don't miss your goals in Q2!

The goals you set are the guidelines for the sales activities you should be undertaking. If the goals and activities match you are in for a long, successful sales career. If you're struggling with how to set either, give me a call at 877-798-2530 for a no obligation discussion about how to generate more quality referrals for your agency. Call me. I care, and it won't even cost you a quarter.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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