• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #16

Happy Monday!

8am: Read this newsletter

8:30am - Get a shovel and prepare to dig deep.

Imagine a world far, far away. A world in which your homecare agency was the only agency in town. A world where you had no competition....just the sweet taste of success, census growth, and improving the lives of a lot more people.

Welcome to that world...

Your task this week is to review your key account list and pick the 3 accounts which are mostly likely to be under referring certain patient types, or certain diagnosis.


Simple....if these sources are missing patients that need care because the referral source doesn't understand WHY they need care, then you will assist them in learning why these patients should be referred. When that happens, guess which agency you are competing against for these new, just discovered referrals?


In order to do this you'll need the help of your clinical staff (if hospice or home health) or your care manager (if private duty). The process itself is fairly straightforward.

1. Pull the last 12 months of referral history and categorize by primary diagnosis or patient need

2. Work with your internal staff to determine the most likely types of referrals to come out of an office or facility such as this

3. Look for the "holes" or missing referrals in the referral pattern. Once you have identified the types of patients being under referred, prepare your next sales call to educate on this type of patient referral.

Remember....your referral source likely has a blind spot for these referrals right now.....so you're not likely to change their minds in one sales call. Here are some ways to make it easier for them to say yes to a new type of patient referral:

1. Talk to them about similar patients you have had from other referrals sources, and the successful outcomes you have achieved.

2. Ask them to "test" these new types of referrals by only making 1 or 2 to see how well their patients do with your care. After you have provided care for these patients you can schedule a meeting to review the outcome, and decide if the referral source would like to continue.

3. Let them know if for any reason, they don't see the value in referring these types of patients, they can go back to their old referral pattern at any time.

This week's lesson is focused on only 3 accounts....but once you master this selling skill, you will use it on all of your key accounts.

Imagine a world where you have no competition for certain types of referrals?

Don't imagine it....create it.

To learn more about how to get and stay inside the mind of your key referral sources, join me this Thursday in Seal Beach, CA for our Advanced Behavioral Sales Training Seminar. You can register right here, and walk away with the skills to grow your agency right away.

Our next 10 Week Home Care Marketing Accelerator program begins on March 28. Register your entire team for one low rate. More details and registration are here.

Good luck this week, and good selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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