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March 30, 2020

March 25, 2020

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April 13, 2017

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Monday Marketing Must Do #15

February 26, 2018

8am: Read this newsletter.

8:15am: ASK Everywhere.


You knew this was going to come up again.....I told you it would. This week won't be the last week that I implore you to begin and continue asking directly for referrals in every single sales call (other than your initial qualifying visit). The numbers are well documented. Agencies that do this across their sales force see an immediate 15-25% sales gain....immediate...as in, right now. 




Because so many people like you don't ask.....they train referral sources how to interact with them. Here's what 99% of the sales calls in the industry sound like...


Rep: Hey Sally! Great seeing you. Did you have a good weekend?


Referral Source (Sally) - Hey Ginger....yeah, it was ok.....back to the grind though...is it Friday yet? (laughs). Hey, do you have any more of those cool pink pens you dropped off the last time?


Rep: Ummmm, it's Gina....with Generic Home Care....c'mon, you remember me!? But yes....here are 37 pens to hold you over until I see you next week.


Sally: Gina! Of course I remember (rolls eyes), I was just kidding. Thanks for the pens....the nurses love these! You're awesome!! (smiles a fake, plastic smile)


Rep: Ok, well I'll get out of your way, I'm sure you're really busy today.


Sally: Yeah...slammed....but thanks for stopping by Ginger! See ya next week!


Rep: It's Gina....oh forget it....Ginger it is! Have a great week Sally! (sighs deeply)


Sally: (yelling down hallway)Hey Ging.....next week.....the girls would LOVE some Frappucinos....just sayin!!


Rep: Cool! You got it! Text me your order....have a great week girl! (gets excited about how she is going to get to be a semi professional caterer next week.....then starts to figure out how to tell her boss that she STILL hasn't gotten any referrals)


Sally: (rolls eyes) Thank goodness that's over.....how does she never remember my name is Sheila? I wonder how long I can work her for free coffee?


I wish I was kidding.....but jokes aside, this is pretty accurate for the way most people approach the job. So....I'll keep this direct and to the point.


EVERY CALL, EVERY TIME, ASK FOR THE REFERRAL....it's what you get paid to do.


Keep track of your results and email me when they hit a minimum of 15% growth. 


Simple, clean, easy, effective....


Go get em Ginger....


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