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March 30, 2020

March 25, 2020

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February 19, 2018

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14 weeks in. I am expecting to see significant growth in many of your accounts. All you have had to do to achieve that is follow the process that I've laid out for you. It's been simple, but not easy....selling post acute care is never easy. 


So...are you achieving significant growth? If so, I'm thrilled for you....that's what we're here for. I'm a fan of you, and will keep cheering. If not, we need to talk. You need some additional help.


If after 14 weeks of fine tuning your selling strategy and sales plan you have not made significant progress there are 3 variables to consider...


1. It's impossible for any agency to grow in your market (this actually is NOT an option since it's always possible to grow....but I put it here because I hear this from many reps when I begin working with them).


2. You have not actually followed the process. Be honest.....step by step, week by week...have you done exactly what I've laid out for you? If not, we know our answer.


3. Sales isn't your thing. Hey....it's not for everyone and when people go through formal sales training and coaching there is a very quick (within 2 weeks) 20% attrition rate as people realize what REAL sales entails and decide it's not for them. If this is you, I commend you for realizing this and deciding to apply your talents elsewhere in the post acute world.


So...which is it? If your answer is #2 then here is what you need to do....


Do what the best athletes in the world do.....they listen to their coach. Even the most talented athletes with the greatest opportunities NEVER rise to their height of success without getting guidance...and that's what you need too. I'm here to train and coach you......just pick the level of support you need below and let's get started.

Are You Following Our Path To Success?


1. In Person - I'll spend the day with you and the rest of your classmates on March 8th in Seal Beach, CA for a full day of Advanced Behavioral Selling. You'll learn all of the keys to unlocking even the most difficult referral sources. Save $100 by registering by Friday March 23. If you work best face to face and want all of your questions answered on the spot, this is the option for you. Register now.


2. Longer Term Training & Support - Our next 10 Week Accelerator Sales Training program starts this Wednesday March 21st. Each week I'll meet you for a live webinar to give you a step by step approach to growing your business and I'll answer all of your questions....not only during the live webinar, but at anytime during the week as well! If you want your training in smaller pieces with just one week's worth of information at a time, this is the program for you. Register Today.