June 15, 2020

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Stability Rules

April 13, 2017

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Monday Marketing Must Do #11

January 28, 2018

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter

Monday 8:30am - Grab your calendar


Welcome to the MMMD #11. I hope you have all been following along on our step by step guide to more referrals, higher census, and explosive business growth. 


2 weeks ago you determined 3 things that each of your referral sources needed to know about your agency, in order of priority.


Last week you set a growth goal for each of the key referral sources on your list.


This week, we stand at the intersection of those two activities. Now is the time to begin proactively scheduling your sales calls based upon the "selling messages" from 2 weeks ago, and the growth goal from last week. Here's what to do:


1. Get your calendar (no, not that paper thing....your REAL calendar as in your CRM program, or any electronic calendaring system that professional salespeople would use)

2. Begin placing the next sales call & selling message into the day and time you intend to make it, for each key account on your list.

3. When you have finished your first group of calls for each account, go 1-2 weeks out (or sooner, depending upon the overall referral volume of the referral source) and schedule the next call and selling message. 

4. After making the next sales call, evaluate what else you need to do and schedule that call in 1-2 weeks in the future. In essence, at the conclusion of every sales call, you should be scheduling at least 1-2 sales calls in the future.