• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #10

8:am - Read this newsletter

8:15am - Set goals

Congrats on last week's activity.....if you made your first "planned" sales calls, I trust they went well. It's quite a confidence booster showing up at the front door of a referral source and knowing exactly what you want to say. Now....we have to understand exactly what we want to achieve.

This week is time to set account specific goals for each of the key accounts on your list. This will demand that you pull referral history for the past 6 months from each of these accounts to see where you currently stand with them. Are you averaging 2-3 referrals per month? If so, your goal is stabilize at 3 per month...and then begin working on the 4th referral per month. Are you sporadically getting referrals....1 here, 1 there? Your goal is to stabilize at regular monthly referrals (at least 1x per month), and hold that for 3-6 months to help create a habit.

Do you understand? Based upon the qualifying information you received over the past few weeks, the referral history, and your newly formed sales strategy for each account....you are creating a roadmap on how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. A map will tell you how to get somewhere, but now you're actually drawing up the speed with which you expect to get there as well. That's a powerful part of any plan. Reps who don't do this have an idea where they want to go....but they leave it completely up to their referral sources, fate, and luck on when they will arrive.

Don't be one of them.....

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This week's work is to be done in off selling hours.....you can do it this morning before noon since Monday morning is not the greatest time to sell....but once the clock strikes 12, get out in the field and finish this up after hours.

In the meantime this week, you can also begin counting your PSCs. The sooner you do this, the sooner you become a sales productivity machine!

Piece by piece, brick by brick we're building a sales strategy that wins......and everybody likes to win, don't they?

February 1st In Dallas Is Approaching Soon! - We still have seats for our Advanced Behavioral Sales Seminar in Dallas, TX on Feb 1st. Claim one today by registering for this business building, referral generating, census busting session!

Want LIVE Training In The Comfort Of Your Own Office? - Our next 10 week Accelerator Live Webinar training program begins February 21st. 10 Weeks of personalized instruction on how to sell from the man who wrote the book on post acute selling. Forget plane tickets, hotels, and airport food....we'll bring this great LIVE training right to your office. Register today!

Have a great week all......if you're following along on each weekly lesson you are already making progress and building your business.....

If you're not following along.....I ask...why not? Get on board and build your business today!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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