• Michael Giudicissi

Count Your PSCs

How many PSCs are you having? 5? 3 each day? 12? None?

Ok, to be fair....I've got to tell you what PSCs are before you can answer that. PSCs are Productive Sales Conversations. Let's define:

Productive Sales Conversation: A sales conversation in which progress is made toward the sale (or referral) based upon specific and measurable criteria. In order to be designated a true PSC, the conversation must have a preplanned topic, execution of said topic, and a measurable result towards the ultimate goal.


Now, how many PSCs are you having per week? Got your answer?

Good...now double them. Right away, this week.

What we know from years of training and coaching post acute sales reps is those who are involved in selling most of the time, get most of the business. Counting your PSCs is a great way to figure out how much real selling you are doing versus simply visiting and marketing.

So, today....start measuring your PSCs for an entire week. Use the definition above to figure out how many you do....put it into a spreadsheet and look to increase the number each week....if your trendline continues to point upwards, so will your results. That's the way sales works.

Grow the PSCs and eliminate the NPSCs (you get that acronym...right?) and I'll see you in the top 1% of post acute reps in the country.

If you need help growing your PSCs and results, One on One Coaching is the answer....

Good luck and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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