• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #9

8am - Read this newsletter

8:05am - What was your decision?

If you chose "Be A Marketer" I congratulate you on your choice...truly. Having clarity about your career is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, I'm not able to help you. The fine points of post acute "marketing" are lost on me. I'm a sales guy. So....all marketers should go here.

If you chose "Be A Salesperson"....continue reading.

WE GOOFED! - I meant to have a reminder newsletter out last Friday letting you know that it was the final day for early registration for our Advanced Behavioral Selling Seminar in Dallas, TX on February 1. We didn't get that newsletter out on time, so we're holding early registration prices ($299 per attendee) until 5pm CST TODAY (Monday Jan 15)! You have just a few hours to save $100 per registration....but don't delay, Once the clock strikes 5pm, so does the discount! Register for this powerful session right now.

By now, you should have figured out where the "holes" are in your sales strategy with each of your key accounts. You now know what things they should know about you...but for whatever reason, don't. Now it's time to use that critical information to develop an account specific sales strategy. Here is what I'd like for you to do:

1. Make a list of "holes" or selling messages for each account on your list.

2. Order them in priority of highest to lowest. The highest priority items are the ones that should generate the most referral activity

3. Set a date to make a sales call on each account for each of the first 3 selling messages. You should have 3 separate dates for each account corresponding to each of the 3 messages/sales calls.

If the first date is this week, go and make that sales call. If however, your first date is not this week.....continue your current activities in that account until you reach that first date...and then make that first sales call.

This is important stuff....you are on your way towards creating an account sales strategy....a strategy that will help you increase your sales. A strategy that will help you sell more professionally....and be seen as different than the majority of your competition.

Of course, your strategy is not complete....because any good strategy has a target, a goal. Next week we'll talk about setting account specific goals for each of the accounts on your target list.

Our next 10 Week Accelerator Sales Training Program begins on February 21st. You can still register for the current session until January 16th and "catch up" on the first 2 weeks of work. If you want to "go live" right from the first session, register for the February session right here. The results have been spectacular and the referrals have come in bunches for many of our participants.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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