• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #7

Happy New Year!

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season with friends and family.....now it's time to get back to work.

Monday 8am - Read this newsletter

Monday 8:15am - Find the "Holes"

Last week, many of you spent time requalifying your key accounts. You would have asked some important questions about who they are referring to, why, how often, what they want to see from your agency, etc. Now that you have that info, your job this week is to figure out what each referral source on your list knows about your agency (and you must be sure they actually know and remember it) and more importantly, what they DON'T know that they should. In essence, you want to figure out where the knowledge gaps or "holes" are in their understanding of your agency's capabilities. For this week.....that's all you need to do....but I expect that this exercise will take you awhile. You'll need to answer a few questions for yourself:

1. What have I presented to them about my agency/facility?

2. Of those things, what am I sure that the actually remember?

3. What services or capabilities do they not know of or remember that they should?

4: Based on my requalifying, is there enough extra business at this referrer to warrant my attention?

That's it.....get this done this week. We're going to use the next couple of weeks to begin planning a professional sales strategy that you will develop for each individual account on your list.

You Need Training. I've seen this over and over from the reps that I see at seminars and meet in my work. You have some small but important tweaks that can generate HUGE returns. You need that training now because every week that slips by is another week of underperformance. That training starts on January 3rd in our 10 week marketing webinar program (yes, that's TOMORROW!). For less than $100 per week you can get personalized guided training that will have you selling like a pro. You can't afford not to register. Go here....now, Register....learn....grow.

Want to know what other sales training programs and services will cost based on your agency's needs? No problem, use our new online sales training quote request form. Answer a few questions and we'll get you a custom proposal with everything you need and nothing you don't right away. Visit the online form page now.

2018 is here. Whatever held you back in 2017 is in the past. Leave it there and let's make sales history together.

Good luck and Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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