• Michael Giudicissi

Monday Marketing Must Do #5

Welcome to the weekly Monday Marketing Must Do #5. Ready?

8am - Read this newsletter

8:30am - Get your holiday cheer on!

This is IT! For those of you who love the social aspect of home care marketing, your week has arrived. For 51 weeks of each year we preach professional selling, asking for the referral, no food or gifts....this week the rules are turned upside down.

You have reached the stage (as of last Friday) of referral source mental non absorption. That is, this week you will do no educational selling. Nothing you say or present of an educational nature is going to be membered this close to the holiday....so save it until January. This week is your chance to say a sincere "Thank You" to those you have worked with....and even those you hope to start working with in 2018.

While I'm not big on feeding people during the year....this week is a referral source feeding frenzy so you might as well jump in. If you've already decided on gifts...that's great. If you haven't I would still steer away from food. I've been in the break room of many a hospital or SNF during this time of year and it's overwhelming the amount of calories that are available to you. It's almost impossible to know who delivered what (even if you wanted to know). A small, unique gift will probably go a long way toward being memorable.

This week is also your week to be available and of course, to ask for the opportunity to serve patients in need.....every call, every time. People are generally in a red/green state of mind. That is, they may be overwhelmed with the upcoming holiday and their mind is filled with "must do" personal and professional items....but they also are generally happier and more inclined to be merry...so use that to your advantage in making yourself helpful and available to coordinate referrals.

If you are following our Must Do series, this is the only week where you're going to get a pass from selling...so take good advantage of it. Starting next week we lay the foundations for a strong and successful 2018.

Are you struggling to get referral sources to directly refer to you (versus handing out lists or brochures)? Our training clients aren't. Here is another success story from Trisha who participated in the last Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar program. Our next 10 week session starts on January 3rd and costs less than $100 per week for custom, personal, live sales training and guidance. Sign up today so that I'm sharing your success stories with my readers next year!

Dallas is the place to be! - Our Advanced Home Care Marketing seminar in Dallas, TX takes place on February 1st. This is THE seminar that will unlock the mysteries of why your referral sources say yes but mean no, stall you, keep you at bay, and simply refer to inferior companies. You'll get inside the mind of each referral source and figure out how to turn no into a real yes! The session is beginning to fill up so don't delay....register today and I'll see you in Big D.

Still think gourmet donuts are a great "selling strategy"? Think again and see the slippery slope you head down when you attempt to win referrals with "stuff". You're better than that....so is our industry. Now it's time to prove it!

Merry Christmas to all and I will speak with you all next Tuesday for your next Must Do strategy!

Michael Giudicissi

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