• Michael Giudicissi

A Team Without A Quarterback?

I had a coaching call with a client today. He recounted how he had done an inservice presentation on Friday afternoon to a number of referral decision makers. Since I didn't know about this inservice (and it was a last minute thing he scheduled) we didn't get to discuss and plan for it in advance.

Now don't get me wrong.....it went fine....as least as far as the "normal" inservice procedure goes. What didn't happen, is he didn't walk out with referrals in hand....but he could have. He didn't give his audience direction on what he wanted them to be thinking about and doing at the conclusion of his presentation....which he should have. He didn't make them take action on that day....which, with my guidance, he would have.

As we discussed what could have been done differently, I likened his audience to a pro football team. A team that takes the field....trained, practiced, strong, ready.....but the quarterback doesn't come onto the field....so no one knows exactly what to do, because no one called the play. Do you get it?

The audience is the football team, but the person presenting the inservice is the quarterback. The QB calls the play, tells the team what they should be doing, and gets results.

You can get a LOT More specific information on how to handle these inservice presentations and to walk out with referrals IN HAND by taking part in our Home Care Accelerator 10 Week Webinar program or signing up for our PowerCoach one on one coaching program. We'll get serious about getting more business because that's what I do....that's the ONLY think I do.

Got questions? Give me a call at 505-798-2530 or email me for a no obligation consultation.

Don't just be a quarterback....be a Hall of Famer!

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