• Michael Giudicissi

More 10 Week Webinar Success

I can't stop bragging on my clients.....because they consistently prove how well professional selling in the homecare industry works.

You say no one will ever refer directly to your private duty company?

Eh.....not so fast.....read this.

"Hi Michael,

Didn't want to wait until January to share this with you. We have a CCRC community that has been increasing referrals slowly over the last 5 months. After I re visited to qualify this account with the process you taught referrals ticked up but not consistently. She was still only committed to handing out our brochures but not recommending us as her preferred agency regardless of my brief meetings and 24 hour follow up with her after successful starts of care.

Yesterday, after roughly 4 weeks of consistent intentional and brief touches and asking for the business I received an email with a direct referral for a 24-hour case.

She emailed not only the demographic and medical info attached to the email but intentional steps on what the family wants, info they will ask and offered the use of her conference room as a meeting place if it would be helpful.

This is a big shift in her referal process and I am freaking excited!"


Tricia did it, so you can. Don't delay...sign up for the next Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar program beginning on January 3rd. Get results like these and grow your agency!

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