• Michael Giudicissi

Homecare Needs Closers

The homecare industry desperately needs closers....apply within.


Is it because:

Because closers close the "sale"

Because closers "get the referral"

Because closers "get the business"

Because closers "generate revenue"

Sure....if that helps you sleep at night.

The reason we really need closers is simple....

The "sale", the "referral", the "business", and "revenue" are really one thing......a spectacular human life that needs to be cared for in the way only the homecare industry can do. Don't be offended by those terms because they all represent the opportunity to dramatically change (or even save) the life of a patient or client. Let the President or CEO revel in the increased "business" while you revel in the increased LWCs (lives we're changing).

Always remember, and never forget....if you don't "close the sale"...are you SURE that one of your competitors will? Are you SURE that patient in need will get the care they need?

I don't need to guess, because I know the answer is "no"....not every time.

Be a superhero......be a Closer...

If you want to come and see me teach you how to close in person, come to San Francisco this Friday October 27, 2017 - Details Here

If you want to work in a fun, weekly group webinar environment with your peers - Details Here

If you want to work with me one on one for the maximum effectiveness an LWCs - Details Here

If you want me to come to your office and teach the entire team to increase their LWCs - Details Here

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