• Michael Giudicissi

Who's Being Rejected?

Rejection in sales doesn't feel good...does it?

Some reps go so far out of their way to avoid rejection that they never even asking closing questions....because if you never ask, they can't say no...right?

Wrong...if you don't ask, then you have guaranteed a no...but that's another story.

Back to the original question....why does rejection feel bad? Most times, it's because the sales rep takes the rejection personally. When I say "no" to you, you believe I'm saying no to "you".

Most times...that's not true.

Think about it this way.....if a guy approached an engaged or married woman and asked for a date, she would probably say "no". Now, you might consider (if you were the guy doing the asking) that she was rejecting you...but what she is really saying is "I've already accepted someone else, so there is no room to say "yes" to you". In essence, there is no possibility for a "yes" regardless of the guy's offering. It's much the same in our industry....that another agency(s) has been "chosen" already and there simply is no room for a yes. The referral source isn't rejecting the rep, they are rejecting the idea that they can even say yes to anyone else.

When you depersonalize the "no" you can then think about it objectively. You can consider why there is a "yes" to another agency...but not to yours. Then, you can carefully draft a strategy to win over the referral source (assuming you choose to do so) by crafting a sales program to show them what they could benefit from....and don't even realize.

The "no" really is the first step to a lot of yes's if you will allow it to be. Seek out the "no" so you can understand why it exists, and then determine if you can change it.

I'd much rather get a "no" from a referral source than a series of false "yes's" that really mean no....but are sugar coated to make them more palatable.

Stop avoiding the "no"....because it's not personal. In fact, it is very likely your first step on your way to success.

Join our next 10 week Home Care Marketing Accelerator class beginning on October 4th and I'll teach you how to turn "no" into "yes"!

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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