• Michael Giudicissi

Break Out Of Sales Jail

I've talked to 3 sales reps recently that had put themselves in what I'll call "Sales Jail" with certain accounts. The fascinating thing was....they did it to themselves, and didn't require their accounts to lock the door and throw away the key!

What is Sales Jail? It's the set of activities you take when you have had a service issue with a particular account, or you are so new in the relationship you don't want to do anything that remotely resembles "selling" so as not to upset your referral source. You do everything except "sell" in the name of "building the relationship".


What do you think THEY think you're there for?

Sure, you may have service issues that need to be remedied, and you may be new to a relationship with the belief that "selling" will turn them off.

Here's a little tip....regardless of your title...Community Liaison, Community Outreach Coordinator, Patient Advocate, Account Executive, etc.....they KNOW what you are there for and what your job is. They are expecting you to sell and IF they are going to be upset about it....it might as well be now, rather than 6 months from now after you've been tiptoeing around the issue. That's just 6 months of wasted time, effort, and resources in my book.

Look at your account list today, see which accounts you've put yourself into Sales Jail. Then, find ONE thing you can do to push the relationship and the next referral with....and GO. DO. IT.

US prisons are overcrowded anyway, we don't need to be adding ourselves to the mix.....break out, break free, and break past your quota by getting out of jail today!

A great way to get direction on how to do that is to join Class #4 of our Home Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Guided Sales Training which begins on October 4th. Get all the details and get registered here. 10 weeks of selling success never worked so well or cost so little. Join us!

Good Selling

Michael Giudicissi

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