• Michael Giudicissi

Welcome To The New 5%'ers

We had a full house (and heads full of ideas) after yesterday's Advanced Behavioral Sales seminar at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. To me, it was amazing to see the tenure of the reps that attended...with one having 22 years in her current role! These are the best of the best and our seminar made them that much better than their competition!

I'd like to congratulate all of our attendees on becoming a part of the 5 Percent Club....that is, the 5% of home care reps that are tenured, trained, and hitting numbers other reps and agencies can only dream about!

If you're not getting powerful, insightful training like this for your team, you are falling behind. You can attend any sales training to learn the sales process, but this Advanced Behavioral training takes you deep inside the behavior of your reps, yourself, and your referral sources to connect and succeed at a much deeper level. Check out our Seminars page to find out where we'll be next so you too can become a 5%'er!!

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