• Michael Giudicissi

5 Weeks To A Better Sales Team

Can you really makeover your sales team in 5 weeks? You sure can....and you probably should. Use these 5 weekly tips to tune up your team and dramatically increase your results.

Week 1 - Organize - Get your team to pull their accounts together, referral and admission history, activity in those accounts, and proposed strategy to increase business.

Week 2 - Whatever accounts are on their list need to be properly qualified or re-qualified. Get your team out face to face with their contacts and make sure you know who they use, why, how much, and any other key questions. Once you have that.....

Week 3 - Work with your team to determine an account strategy in each account on their list. Just "asking for referrals" is not a strategy. Your plan should be detailed week by week and cover at least the next 4 visits in each account. Load these calls into your CRM and get ready to....

Week 4 - Make the sales calls. Using the account strategy you have designed, have your sales team being making the first sales call on each account on their list. Every call should be designed to learn something we don't know, or get business we're not getting.

Week 5 - Ride Along - Begin spending time in the field with all of your sales team auditing their strategy, presentation and closing skills, and ability to move the sales process forward. Don't "do" for them during these calls but jump in and help when needed. This is the only true way you'll know if your team has what it takes to grow and succeed.

Simple right? Obviously, there is a lot more to consider....but these 5 weekly tasks will help you get moving in the right direction to grow census and increase market share. If you want some guidance along the way to becoming a rock star sales manager, our Sales Management Made Easy(er) On Demand video program goes into great detail about this program and gives you the confidence you need to lead a team of winners. Use code "ROCKSTAR" and save $50 if you order your training program by midnight on 7/14/17.

Order Sales Management Made Easy(er) OnDemand Today!

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