• Michael Giudicissi

Lead, Follow, or....Lead

Given complete anonymity, what would your team members say about you and your leadership style?

Sure....I could write 20 (or 1000) hypothetical answers here, but why waste the digital ink?

The real question is...what would they say? Are they compelled to put forth their best effort each day to build your company because they deeply believe in the mission and the mission's leader? Or, are they punching a clock each day to make it to another payday? Realistically you probably have people on both ends of the spectrum....and many somewhere in between. That's natural...

Or is it?

Think about the companies you have worked with or purchased from that have given you the best experience.....do you think most of their people were simply "punching the clock"? Probably not. Most of their people were actively engaged in the job, and you.....because that's the reason they came to work. They understood a basic truism missed by many.....if you have to be at work, it's easier and more fulfilling to do a good job than a lousy one. The rewards (both tangible and intangible) are greater, and working with others of the same stripe makes the day fly by.

So, why do some companies thrive and some struggle?

Culture.....and that culture is created and cultivated by (wait for it.....).....Leaders.

Are you creating and cultivating the kind of culture that empowers and excites your team to do their best day after day? There are many tangible benefits to building a strong company culture:

1. Increased productivity

2. Longer employee retention

3. Increased recruitment of like minded team members by current employees

4. Less infighting and interpersonal drama

5. Increased revenue and profitability

6. And the list goes on.....

All of this....ALL of this begins with you becoming a more effective leader. You, your management team, everyone.....can learn the skills to effective leadership.

Book a one day Stability Rules Leadership Seminar in your office and receive a free copy of my newest book "Status Update, A Year Inside The Mind Of A Motivational Philosopher" for each leader on your team. They will get an entire year's worth of motivational lessons and quotes to help lead their team to new heights of success!

Call us at 877-798-2530 or email michael@powershottraining.com

Lead on!

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