• Michael Giudicissi

Change, Don't Cheer

Cheerleaders are great......exciting, fun to look at, lively......

What if, as a leader, you're not much of a cheerleader? Are you doomed to have an uninspired team that underperforms?

No.....no way. In fact, the cheer "leader" is one of the least effective ways to build and motivate a dedicated team for the long term.

The 2 keys to unlocking your team's job satisfaction, motivation, and teamwork are simple, free, and should be used liberally.

1. Recognition

2. Appreciation

RECOGNIZE your team for their contribution to the overall goal and mission. Do it in person, in writing, in any form that effectively communicates how that person has help move the needle forward. Don't save recognition for special events or annual meetings. Meter it out whenever appropriate to the individual or the entire group. Your team cannot overdose on Recognition.

APPRECIATE your team for the things you have RECOGNIZED them for. Appreciation can take many forms but one of the most effective is a sincere, one on one conversation letting that person know how much you appreciate and admire their contribution. A warm handshake, a certificate for their cubicle, a special parking spot for a month.....you get the idea. These things cost nothing but generate BIG returns.

If you do these two things regularly you won't ever need to put your cheerleaders uniform on and hope you are hitting the right note to motivate your team. The beauty of Recognition and Appreciation is they both feed the 3rd key thing that keeps employees happy and successful in their jobs for the long term....respect for their Supervisor.

Your company IS your people. Without them, you have nothing. Invest your time and energy learning to be a better leader and they'll repay you by being a better company.

Mention this blog post and receive a FREE copy of my new book "Status Update" for EVERY member of your team when you book a Stability Rules Leadership Seminar in your office this Fall. Contact us at 877-798-2530 or simply email michael@powershottraining.com for more info.

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