• Michael Giudicissi

One A Day

During one of my client coaching calls last week, I was working with a rep who was challenged with what changes to make in order to improve her results. While we discussed several different things that might be impacting her business, none of them stood out as being huge influences. Agreeing that there were no dramatic forces preventing her success I offered her the following advice.

Change one thing each day that you would normally do....for something else that could improve your sales results. Change only one thing...and then audit whether it worked or not. If so, leave that change in place, if not...go back to what you were originally doing and change something else the next day.

Pretty simple....but a strategy I have used for years to get my sales reps thinking differently about the way they approach their job. The "one thing" methodology is bite sized enough for people to grasp it, yet not such a big change that people are scared of it.

So....what are some of the "one things" you can change each day?

1. Substitute a new account qualifying call for a current account "visit"

2. Present something brand new from your agency that you've never discussed previously

3. Change the day you usually call on a certain account to see if a different day leads to a different outcome

4. Change the way you ask for referrals in one call today

5. Change the person you call on in a well known facility for just one day to see if a new contact provides more or different strategic information

6. And so on, and so on, and.....

You get the idea....there are many changes you can make. If you adopt the "one a day" methodology you will quickly get to see how and if these changes impact your business. By the end of the first week you'll have made 5 changes to your sales plan....by the end of the first month, 22.

The beauty of these changes is that they are like chess moves. In chess, as long as you don't take your fingers off the chess piece, you don't have to make the move permanent.....you can move it back if it doesn't look like the move will work out. With your "one a day" change method you "keep your fingers" on the change in strategy and if it doesn't work out, you simply go back to what you were doing before.

If you adopt this philosophy into your selling and stay true to it, by the end of a year you will have made 261 minor course corrections to your sales plan. Many of them won't change your results at all.....but not to worry....because you've already changed them back! The beauty is, a handful of them will change your business and you're free to keep doing them forever.

Force yourself out of your sales habits and make a chess move today....and tomorrow. Let me know how it goes.

If you need more ideas on making positive changes visit our Seminars page for upcoming training events or register for

for maximum impact and results.

Good Selling!

Michael Giudicissi

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