• Michael Giudicissi

Selling To Trump

Simple Question:

Would you sell to Donald Trump the same way you would sell to Mother Teresa?

Of course you wouldn't.

Trump's "right now" behavioral style would force you to cut quickly to the pertinent facts as quickly as possible and go for the close early in the process. Mother Teresa's calm, caring behavior would mean you would take more time to build a relationship with the person before attempting to consummate the sale.

The differences are so stark it's easy to see....and decide how to approach each prospect.

Regrettably, you or your sales team IS selling the exact same way to the Trumps and Mother Teresas on your prospect list because the outward differences are not as apparent....and it's costing you business.

Once you've gotten past the initial "here's how to prospect, qualify, present, and close" techniques....your real opportunity lies in customizing your selling approach to each behavioral type. If you can't quickly determine who you are selling to (and outward appearances often don't tell the story), you are missing the mark more times than not.

Your next chance to give your sales team the skills to identify Trumps and Teresas (as well as Zuckerbergs and Hiltons) is at our Advanced Behavioral Sales Seminar in Coconut Creek, FL on July 20, 2017. Bring your entire team to the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino for a full day of behavioral sales training that will give them the ability to skyrocket their results. You'll all walk away with many "aha" moments of why you haven't been able to move accounts forward, and what to do to change that!

Registration is only $299 per person ($399 after July 6) and includes roundtable lunch sessions to strategize with other reps about your biggest challenges.

This session is already 60% full so reserve a spot today.....Trump, Teresa, Zuckerberg, Hilton, and your clients will thank you!

If you cannot make it to Florida, visit our POWERCoach page to learn how we can work one on one with your sales team to teach them these powerful, valuable skills.

Good Selling!

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