• Michael Giudicissi

Snake Rules

I've been using DISC type behavioral assessments since founding Power Shot Training back in 2006. During that time I've administered and/or evaluated thousands of assessments. In the many training sessions I've done to help people understand the 4 key primary behaviors, I've used different analogies to paint a picture....but this morning I came up with one while out on my run that should cement the image for you, and help you understand your primary behavior.

Let's have a little fun with this one and remember.....we're painting a picture of each behavioral style's extreme behavior....just to get the point across.

Let's assume you come upon this Diamondback Rattlesnake while running or walking on the trail. What do you do (besides scream!)?

A Dominant behavioral style person will think:

I'm big, the snake is small. The trails are for humans, not for snakes. I'm going full speed ahead to scare this sonofagun off of MY trail! The Dominant behavioral style person will have one of two outcomes after making their decision based upon the minimal but important information they have compiled..

They'll either chase the snake away....or they'll get bitten.

An Influencing Behavioral Style person will:

Really want the snake to like them....and won't want to do anything that might cause it NOT to like them. So, rather than turning around....or walking a few feet to the left or right of the snake...they'll go to great lengths to ingratiate themselves with it....something like this:

A Steady Behavioral Style person will:

Really, really want to trust the snake. They won't want to leave the trail because the trail is familiar to them. They'll sit down.....bring the snake a cup of coffee and some fresh baked blueberry cobbler. They'll patiently wait for the snake to tell them it's troubles....and how misunderstood it is. Eventually....many hours, days, or months later...the snake will realize they have a good friend and trusted ally and will scoot to the side to let this person through.

A Compliant Behavioral Style person will:

Want to analyze the situation completely....and endlessly. They will want to make the absolute best decision about what to do next....so they will study the snake, the trail, the nearby vegetation, the angle of the sun, etc. Once they have factored all of that in, they'll want to remember what they ate this morning, what the snake might have eaten, and what the people in the 737 flying overhead are eating now. Hours or days later they may finally be ready to make their move.....but alas, it doesn't matter...because the snake has died of boredom!

So....did you enjoy our little journey into human behavior? Did you see some of yourself in one (or some) of the examples above? Understanding behavior is the key to understanding people. In your personal or professional life, you'll do more, get more, enjoy more if you can only understand your behavioral drivers and those of the people you interact with.

We can help...we're behavioral experts. We can help your departments and teams perform at a much higher level of performance than they are now. Call us at 877-798-2530 to discuss how we can help you get around the snake!

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