• Michael Giudicissi

Sales Reps Got You Down?

If managing your sales reps has you down, we have a lift for you! Our new Sales Management Made Easy(er) is a 5 hour, on demand video training program designed exclusively for agency owners, sales managers, administrators, or anyone charged with managing sales reps. Michael Giudicissi has taken his 16 years of sales management and consulting experience in the home care industry and put it into this program to give you ALL of the tools you need to help your team succeed! You'll learn:

1. How to become a data driven sales manager

2. What are the key metrics for a manager to be paying attention to

3. How to set up effective coaching meetings with your sales reps

4. How to grade your sales reps current performance

5. How to set up a qualifying process that keeps your reps in front of the best opportunities

6. How to set proper, cost justified sales goals

7. Best practices in sales compensation plans

8. How to help your reps develop an account strategy for each key account

9. How to train your reps to ace every sales call

10. Get inside the mind of your sales reps by understanding their innate behavior

11. And SO much more!

During this initial program roll out (where we'll add a new hour of content to your account each week), you can save $100 on the program and pay only $599!

You CAN be a powerful sales leader with all of the knowledge you need to empower your sales team to achieve their goals and beyond.....and we'll help you at every step along they way. Learn more and start your sales management training right now.

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