• Michael Giudicissi

Great Sales Reps Do This Monday Morning...

Would you like a concrete measure to know if you have a great sales rep on your team? It's easy...and it takes place every Monday morning.

They open up their calendar and it is at least 50% full with preset appointments and strategic sales calls. Great sales rep know that sales don't simply "happen"....sales are a result of a plan and of strategy. If your rep opens up their calendar on Monday morning and you hear crickets, they need some help understanding how to do strategic account planning, and how to manage their time. The reps who best plan their time (in advance) and their strategy are the ones that always win in the long term.

Now you might ask....why not 100% full?

Well, that is a possibility....but since we want some time for prospecting new accounts when we are in a certain area, and we realize the nature of the post acute world is that we may be called upon to step into a time consuming situation....100% is really not reasonable or achievable.

50-60% is a fair number that shows this rep understands time and territory management and strategic planning....but leaves enough flexibility in the schedule to deal with the (many) unknowns we run into day after day.

If your reps (or your team) are falling short of the 50% goal....two things are in order:

1. Set the expectation clearly that this is the new goal and the new standard

2. Provide training on how to set account strategy and appointments so reps are empowered to reach this new goal.

Simple...right? Yes....

Easy...right? No....

This is a behavioral change that will take time, effort, and patience to put into place....but the returns of increased productivity, increased professionalism, and more referrals...are worth it.

Our POWERCoach One on One Sales Coaching program works with your sales team to develop account strategy for every account on their list. Utilizing our powerful coaching methods, sales reps draw up a roadmap to success for the their key accounts and fill up their calendar every week. POWERCoach coaching slots are available right now....visit the POWERCoach page for more details.

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