• Michael Giudicissi

Don't Make Another Sales Hiring Mistake!

We've seen it time and again....that "can't miss" sales hire that is joining your team and is going to dramatically increase your census and revenue.

And then............crickets.

Since publishing my white paper "What I've Learned From 1000 Sales Interviews", I've been talking to hiring managers around the country. The mistakes that are made in the sales hiring process are simple to spot, and easy to fix if you know how.

With the support of the Private Care Association, now you can know how too.

Join me on May 25th at 2pm EDT for a webinar "What I Learned From 1000 Sales Interviews" sponsored by The Private Care Association (www.privatecare.org). I'll review the 5 keys to successful sales hiring, as well as give you other tips and techniques to make sure your next hire not only sells you (on offering them the job) but also sells your referral sources on making referrals.

You can register for the webinar right here. PCA members can attend for free, and non members can register for only $100 per office.

This will be the best $100 you ever spend....guaranteed.

Stop hiring wrong and let me show you how to hire right! Register Today.

Michael Giudicissi

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