• Michael Giudicissi

Playmaker CRM Signs On As Sponsor!

I'm thrilled to announce that Playmaker CRM (www.playmakercrm.com) has signed on as a sponsor of our FREE Momentum Selling Seminar in Seal Beach, CA on April 28th. Playmaker is the industry standard CRM for homecare as well as the entire post acute industry. As I've said before, if you are a professional sales organization that is not using CRM, you are not a professional sales organization. You'll be able to meet the fine folks at Playmaker CRM as well as get a demo at the Seal Beach seminar. If you haven't registered, NOW is the time as we're more than 50% full. Register right now, right here.

If you are in the Houston, TX area our first FREE program is next Friday March 31st. You can bring up to 3 of your staff but you MUST pre register...so do that right here, right now.

After a number of discussions with our clients and newsletter readers, we've decided to move the June 9, 2017 FREE Momentum Selling Seminar to St Louis, MO. The venue is being decided upon right now, but the event is open for registration so you'll want to register here right now to guarantee a seat.

As we've rolled out our free Momentum Selling Seminars, I've talked personally to a number of people who have asked "Is this really free?". I've also heard "What's the catch?" or "This doesn't sound right".

I assure you, there is no catch and this is very, very right.

We're putting on FREE training programs because it's the right thing to do for the industry, and frankly, for my company. I'll give you a free day of quality sales training in return for you keeping us at the top of your list when your reps need more in depth training and coaching.


Great....then I'll be seeing you in Houston, Seal Beach, or St Louis very soon.

Good Selling!

Michael G

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