• Michael Giudicissi

26 Referrals In One Sales Call

Yep.....I just got off the phone with one of my private duty franchise coaching clients. We had just spoken this morning and I was thanking him for his hard work and concerted selling effort. He is a shining example for the rest of his system of 250+ offices. He called to let me know that he just picked up 26 new clients in ONE sales call! I kid you not.....

This was an opportunity that almost any other agency in his area could have seen....but they didn't. He worked the plan and uncovered a big group of people that needed help.

That is an all time record in one call for any of my clients.....the previous record of 14 referrals in one sales call has stood for years. I'm going to have to buy this guy something nice to commemorate the occasion.

If you work the plan, the rewards are there......but they don't come for those who take shortcuts.

Your agency can benefit from our one on one coaching too.....get all the details on our POWERCoach program here

Call me if you think you can beat his record.

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