• Michael Giudicissi

Yes...it's really free

I had several meetings with industry software vendors this week, discussing varying levels of partnership. In every meeting, the question of "Why do so many agencies struggle with growth?" came up. The answer is simple:

1. The staggering amount of competition that exists in all disciplines of home care

2. The generally poor hiring practices of "marketing" staff

3. The almost universal lack of proper training and support early in the "marketers" career.

So, after a couple of days of reflection I've decided to do something historic about #3.

I'll be offering my industry standard Momentum Selling Seminars absolutely free for all of 2017. Yes....that's right.....free. As in, no cost to attend.


Imagine an NFL team drafts a promising rookie quarterback. They interview and vet him...and finally decide to sign him to a contract. Once the ink is dry, the head coach says "Ok...we're going to leave this kid alone until the season starts. We'll let him play a few games once the season starts....and if he shows any promise then we'll actually start coaching him. If not, we'll just let him go" Insane....right?

That's exactly what happens in the home care industry all too often. Hiring managers vet hundreds of resumes, conduct interviews, hire someone they think can generate business and then with minimal or no training they throw them out into the field hoping they'll succeed. I get calls and have discussions with these hiring managers weekly....and I hear the same refrain over and over "I can't invest money into having you coach them until they show me they can get some referrals". Insane...right?

So, with the hope that more reps get more quality training early in their career, or even late in their career if they are suddenly struggling, I'm offering this free training to anyone who signs up. What I hope to gain is simple as well:

1. A base of well trained sales reps that are ready for more advanced coaching and training (and their managers will be willing to pay for it)

2. A better overall impression of the sales part of our industry. If you haven't noticed....we don't have the best reputation...a step above used car salesmen.

3. The ability to give back to an industry that I've been lucky enough to forge a consulting career in for the past 10.5 years.

I am talking to different industry vendors to come aboard as sponsors to offset some of the cost of putting these programs on....but make no mistake about it, if I don't have even one sponsor, these programs are taking place.

These are not some "teaser" seminars where we give you a little information and bait you to buy more. This is the exact same seminar (with even more information) that I put on in locations around the US in 2016 for $199-$299 per person. We have a strict limit of 3 attendees per agency to assure as many agencies as possible can participate.

You definitely will be offered the opportunity to purchase other products and services from my firm and those of my sponsors, but you are under no obligation to do so.

In short....this is the right thing to do at the right time in our industry's history.

I have a very personal story that dramatically impacted my family because of the lack of a referral to home care. Had even one rep in the northern NJ area taken one of my seminars in the past few years, perhaps a tragedy could have been averted. I count the entire incident with my family as my personal and professional failure....I didn't reach enough agencies with the proper training to make sure that a desperately needed referral was made. I can't go back and change that now....but I can definitely make sure that going forward, any sales professional that wants this training can get it. Cost is no longer an issue....because...

Yes...it's really free.

Register for an upcoming seminar here

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