• Michael Giudicissi

Momentum Selling and Savii Care

Yesterday was our first of 3 webinars in the Momentum Selling course sponsored by Savii Care (www.saviicare.com). While we had a couple of technical difficulties...one of them being we had more people register than the system could handle....I was pleased with the interaction and questions that came out of the program. The 2nd session will be on March 23rd at 3pm EDT....you can find out more details and register at Savii's website.

The key for any of these sales training sessions is much like putting on a pair of Nike's...you MUST Just Do It! Action breeds progress and from progress comes success. I've been asked many times during my sales training career...."Michael, what is the secret of sales?". The answer has not, and will not ever change....there is no "secret". Sales is fun, challenging, hard work. When you succeed you feel on Cloud 9....when you struggle its challenging to make the next call. The more action you put into your sales program, the more success you'll have....and the more that success will push you through the next call, the next week, and the next successful year.

So for those that joined us for yesterday's program....I hope today you are in action....getting down to work on the first 3 key steps we outlined during the webinar. Don't let time fool you. Time will tell you "The next session is a month away....you have time....start tomorrow". Time is a liar! You have a LOT of work to do between now and March 23rd and you'll need every bit of it to be prepared to start selling more professionally, and to begin generating more quality referrals.

As always, if I can help at all....email me at michaelg@powershottraining.com

Talk to you soon...and Good Selling!

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