2021 Professional Growth Online Seminars

Join Michael Giudicissi for these powerful Professional Growth Online Seminars. Each program lasts 60-90 minutes and includes a link for unlimited replays of each program. WEBINAR REPLAYS NOW AVAILABLE!

Master The Close! 

Become a master closing and learn how to ask for the business the right way. You'll learn tips and techniques to improve you closing ratio and get more referrals. You'll be confident while learning multiple ways to ask for and get the referral

Master The Behavior!

Behavior drives you, and everyone you sell to. Understanding how to customize your sales approach to Dominant, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant behavior styles will get you more and better relationships, and more referrals. This is our #1 most popular sales development seminar


Master The Presentation!

Sales call, Inservice, CEU programs, networking events. You get the opportunity to represent yourself and your agency multiple times every week. Learn how to control your audience and put on impactful presentations. Michael has spoken to audiences from 2 to over 1000 people for the past 15 years and he'll make sure you're ready to excel at your next presentation. 


All classes are $49 per person. Class fee includes live webinar, handouts, live Q&A to answer all questions, and a replay link to review the class as often as you wish. You can save by registering for all 3 webinars for only $139, or order 3 prerecorded webinars to watch right now for $139.

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