Top 20 Selling System OnDemand 

Would you like your sales team to learn how to sell home care step-by-step? Would you like them know exactly what to do at each stage of the relationship with their referral sources? Would you like them to sell more professionally and get more referrals? Of course you would! Our industry-leading Top 20 Selling System is the step-by-step sales methodology that delivers all this and more. Reps will learn how to take accounts from the very first call through long-term success. We’ll teach your sales team how to nurture and grow the relationship without donuts, lunches, or trinkets. You’ll get referral sources that will send you patients every month . . .  you’ve asked them to. Stop getting promises and start getting referrals . . . with the Top 20 Selling System! 



TRAINING COURSE - Top 20 Selling System On Demand 

A 6 part video tutorial of our industry leading Top 20 Selling System. Michael Giudicissi will lead you through planning, making your first sales call, gaining the first referral, and all the way through long term sales success! This step by step selling program is everything you need to build a professional sales effort and get results. 


This course includes:

•How to properly qualify referral sources

•How to determine what sets your agency apart

•How and when to ask for the first referral

•How to generate regular monthly referrals

•How to manage and maintain a long term relationship

•And much, much more...


Includes field selling workbook plus sales tools and forms.

Top 20 Selling Video Training Course (Video Training)

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