Overcoming The Top 10 Objections In Private Duty Selling

You've heard them all before...."Our patient's can't afford it", "We only hand out a list", "Come back next month"...and more. These are some of the 10 most commonly heard objections in private duty selling. Don't get stopped by them anymore! Michael Giudicissi takes you through each objection, breaks down the reasons, and gives you field proven strategies to get past the objection and get the referral! If you're serious about selling, you must have this training program in your aresenal to get more referrals and less rejection. 




What are the most commonly heard objections when selling private duty? Michael Giudicissi will guide you through those objections and how to sell right past them.


You'll learn how to sell past

•We only hand out a list

•We only hand out brochures

•We let the hospital make referrals

•We only refer to Home Health

•and 6 more common objections!


This 2 module series will help you get past the objection and get the referral! 71 minutes

Overcoming The Top Objections In Private Duty Sales (Video Training)

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  • Video Training Program, 2 modules

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