Great companies have great leaders.

Case Closed.

You can hire great leaders, build them, or both! With our proven leadership training, behavioral assessments, and deep understanding of your team's behavior we can help you create a leadership culture of performance, success, and employee motivation and appreciation.


Over the past 11 years we have administered thousands of Extended DISC behavioral assessments, and are fully certified to administer and assess your team's behavior. With these powerful tools and our training you can transform your company into a high powered success machine. 


We offer leadership training services such as:

-   Extended DISC individual & team assessments

-   Onsite leadership workshops in your office

-   Keynote presentations for your next company meeting or retreat

-   One on one leadership coaching

-   Long term, company wide leadership mentoring


We can customize a program to fit your company's exact needs. Please call us at 877-798-2530 or email michael@powershottraining.com for a no obligation consultation. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the seminar on Friday. As a business owner I always have a little hesitation when committing the time and resources of our marketing team. My primary concern is always the same… will the seminar deliver?

The test for me is not what I get out of it personally, but what the members of our team take away. I am delighted to say that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So the answer to my question is clearly, yes… you delivered!

You are an extraordinary communicator and have a comprehensive grasp of the content you present. Your experience is clearly evident and I especially enjoyed your honest appraisal of the pitfalls of our industry. You really gave us all the opportunity to be shaken free of the old paradigms and boldly step up.


Many thanks! 

Shane Donaldson, CEO