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Hiring salespeople in ANY industry is challenging. Hiring quality salespeople in the home care industry is even tougher. It's easy to get fooled in the interview process based simply on how much you like the candidate. Successful sales performance in our industry is based on so much more than how likable someone is. Let Michael Giudicissi use his 25+ years of sales and hiring experience to help you screen and vet the best candidates. 

Our screening process includes:

-  Extended DISC Behavioral Assessment and 24 page custom candidate report

-  30 minute behaviorally focused phone interview by Michael Giudicissi

-  Interview notes and recap 

-  Phone consultation on DISC and interview results

Don't blindly hire your next sales rep based only on a single interview, a resume, or by who they worked for previously. Give yourself the best chance to hire the best candidate with our exclusive HireRight Sales Candidate Screening Program. 

With our Hire Right Complete program, we'll take the lead on the entire recruiting and hiring process from writing the recruiting ad, screening resumes, administering phone interviews and behavioral assessments, all the way through writing the compensation plan and offer letter. Get the BEST candidates and hire the RIGHT salesperson for your agency with no hassle!

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Last week, one of our newer guys hand-delivered 7 referrals that he had picked up on calls directly to our branch manager.  That was a whole new record for that office.  Our CEO asked how he did it, and he said, “I watched this video Lacey forwarded me, and then I realized:  I just wasn’t ASKING enough!”  It’s working, so he really believes in it.

Lacey Morgan, Corporate Marketing Director