3 Outcome Sales Calls

Yesterday while on a coaching call I wanted to simplify the message I was delivering to my client. While we discussed different strategies to get new accounts referring I wanted my client to understand what we were aiming for as far as outcomes go. Here are the 3 outcomes you can achieve in any sales call. They haven't referred by they still can or will They haven't referred and they will not (for whatever reason) They have referred Simple...clean...clear. If you achieve outcome #1 then your mission is to figure out what will prompt them to make that first referral. If you achieve outcome #2 then you must move on. There is no sense wasting time here when you can move on to other accounts tha

ALFs and Post Acute Providers

As the number of years in which they have been in business increases, ALF’s are more eager to help their residents to “age in place.” ALF’s often view availability of services from post-acute providers, including Medicare home care, private duty home care, hospice, and home medical equipment (HME); as essential to allow them to achieve this goal. While ALF’s want to encourage utilization of these types of services by residents, ALF’s cannot lose sight of the fact that the healthcare industry is highly regulated. With ever-increasing emphasis on fraud and abuse compliance, ALF’s and post-acute providers cannot afford to violate the law. How can ALF’s encourage the use of services available

Live Sales Seminars Are Back!

This weekend I was reviewing my files from the sales seminars I've done around the country over the years. Vegas, Orlando, Miami, LA, Denver, Chicago, NYC and more. While revisiting those events I was struck by one overwhelming feeling....I want to get back out there and do them again. I miss being face to face with sales reps, role playing the sales calls, and seeing the discussion and sharing from reps around the country. So....I'm here to announce, our LIVE sales seminars are BACK! (kind of...) Of course, with the COVID pandemic most states do not allow any large groups, and in many cases it wouldn't be safe. So, what we're doing is offering our exclusive one day Momentum Selling Strateg

Hospice Volunteers for Non Hospice Patients

In OIG Advisory Opinion No. 12-17, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services considered the question of whether Medicare-certified hospices may provide non-skilled services by volunteers to terminally ill patients. Specifically, the OIG addresses the question of whether such volunteer services may be provided to patients who have a life expectancy of one (1) or year or less, if their illnesses run the normal course, but who do not qualify for hospice services either because they are projected to have more than six (6) months to live or because patients do not wish to renounce curative treatment. The volunteer services by the Hospice that reque

Whistleblowers Reduce Fraud & Abuse

The Justice Department’s Civil Division continues to recover record amounts primarily from healthcare providers. “Many of the cases would not be possible without the whistleblowers…who have come forward to report fraud, often at great personal risk,” said Stuart Delery, the principal deputy assistant attorney general for the civil division. A number of recent enforcement actions have targeted the activities of marketers. Enforcers do not hesitate to recruit individuals to wear wires to record the inappropriate activities of marketers. If marketers obtain referrals in ways that violate the law, claims submitted based on services provided to these referrals are false claims under the False Cl

2 Calls You MUST Make In Person

COVID is on the rise in 27 states as of today. With a resurgence of positive tests, we will also likely see a resurgence of facility closings (yes, even those few you were able to get into occasionally). It's more important now than ever to use your face to face time wisely. Here are the 2 calls you MUST make in person (if you have the chance) Qualifying - This is the inception of the relationship. This is where you get to see the real environment your referral source works in, and you get to see a real person in front of you. When you qualify in person you get to see the person's reactions while answering your questions (even if from behind their mask), and you can usually tell how valid th

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