The Next Best Thing To Being There

With in person sales opportunities plummeting to an all time low (our 10 week webinar class reported only 22% ability to see even one person in person last week), it's time to change the game. Today's strategy is simply what we call "The Parking Lot Call". If you have anything to deliver, a message to give, or follow up on an existing referral, you'll want to liberally use the Parking Lot Call to your advantage. The call itself is simple. You engage your referral source via phone, text, or some other "active" communication method (this will not work with email). You tell them/give them the thing you had planned for this call. Then, you simply tack on "I'm out on the road, so I pulled into yo

Marketers Must Be Employees

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the primary enforcer of fraud and abuse prohibitions, recently issued two press releases that once again call into question common practices in the home care industry. These press releases relate to payment of incentive compensation, which is standard practice in the home care, private duty, home medical equipment (HME) and hospice industries. The federal statute prohibiting illegal remuneration seems to permit payment of incentive compensation to employees. Specifically, the statute states, in part, as follows: (1) Whoever knowingly and willfully solicits or receives any remuneration (includin

Covid Selling 2.0 Is Here Forever

I was wrong....I'll freely admit it. I thought by now, or at least soon, we'd be back to some semblance of "normal" selling in the home care industry. While I had definitely forecast that some facilities would be closed forever, I did feel that we would be able to resume many of the selling activities we had in the past. I don't believe that any longer. I believe we're on the doorstep of Home Care Selling version 2.0. That is, a new day in the world of our industry, and one that will never change back to what we had. I believe now is the time to make permanent changes to your sales and marketing program. In addition, you'll need to remain flexible since the ebb and flow of the COVID pandemic

Hospital Preferred Provider Agreements

Many hospitals refer patients on a regular basis to post-acute providers, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living facilities (ALFs), home health agencies, private duty home care agencies, hospices, and home medical equipment (HME) companies. Relationships with post-acute providers assist hospitals to control costs and avoid penalties, an essential component of financial viability. Consequently, positive relationships with post-acute providers are increasingly important to the success of hospitals. Hospitals may wish to use Preferred Provider Agreements in order to enhance their relationships with post-acute providers. That is, hospitals may agree to make referrals excl

What Is Your Go-To Sales Call?

COVID-19 is running unabated though our country as we speak. The United States accounts for over 3 million cases and well over 100,000 deaths. States are rolling back reopening plans, and many are going backwards to restrictions not seen since March. The potential for widespread lockdowns grows each day. So...what are we to do? Well, the good thing is, most of you have been doing it already. You have been utilizing all means of technology available to you in order to continue selling. A number of my clients have reported growth in census and revenue since March. Yes, you heard that right....they have achieved growth during the pandemic. How? They didn't give up...and they didn't give in. The

Beware Of Private Insurance Kickbacks

In Aetna Life Insurance Company v. Humble Surgical Hospital, Civil Action H-12-1206, U. S. District Court, S.D. Texas, Aetna won a lawsuit against a Texas hospital, Humble Surgical Hospital, based on kickbacks paid by the hospital to referring physicians. This decision shines a spotlight on the fact that providers that receive payments from insurers may have liability for the payment of kickbacks. Humble did not have a contract with Aetna, so Humble was paid considerably more than hospitals that were in Aetna’s network. Humble paid referral fees to doctors and waived patients’ charges in order to help insure a steady stream of referrals, since they were out-of-network. In fact, Humble prov

Latest In Person Sales Call Polls

With the COVID-19 pandemic surging ahead in 39 states, many state governments have rolled back reopening restrictions or delayed reopening plans. How does that affect your ability to sell and generate referrals? Here is the latest poll from Home Care Marketing Accelerator class #17. This poll was taken on Wednesday July 1, 2020....the 10th and final training webinar in their series. If you've been following along, you'll see their "in person" sales call numbers are basically flat over the past 3 weeks. Here is the latest poll from class #18, taken on the same day, but who are only in week #4 of their 10 week training program. If you've followed this class, you'll see their "in person" sellin

Free Services Can Violate Safe Harbors

Anecdotally, providers often report that expectations of referral sources include the provision of services to patients free of charge. A number of concerns about this practice have been raised, including questions about whether this practice is compliant with requirements related to fraud and abuse. Information about this issue can be found in the commentary to Medicare and State Health Care Programs: Fraud and Abuse, Revisions to the Safe Harbors Under the Anti-Kickback Statute and Civil Monetary Penalty Rules Regarding Beneficiary Inducements published in the Federal Register on December 7, 2016. In this final rule, the OIG added new exceptions or “safe harbors” to the federal anti-kick

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