Brewery Selling Technique

Why bother asking for the sale when "they know what I'm here for"? That's the refrain I hear from sales reps around the globe when we bring them through our training programs. "I feel like I shouldn't be too pushy so I just visit and say hi." Another priceless gem. Let me make it simple. Guy "A" walks up to incredibly beautiful woman "B" in a local brewery. Since guy "A" is single (not wearing a wedding ring) and woman "B" also appears to be single, guy "A" stands there and stares at her. He reasons that "She must know what I'm here for", so he decides against asking her on a date, buying her a drink, or even asking her any questions about herself. He simply says "Hi" and continues to stare

Care Transition Agreements

Anecdotally, there is increasing recognition that transitions in care are the most dangerous times for patients. These transitions range from shift changes in institutions, such as hospitals and SNFs, to changes from one level of care to other levels of care. In addition, hospitals are especially concerned about transitions after discharge since, if they do not go well, patients may be readmitted to hospitals that may result in financial penalties for hospitals. Consequently, there is greater interest in Care Transition Services Agreements, especially between hospitals and all types of homecare providers, including Medicare certified home health agencies, private duty agencies, hospices an

In Person Selling Update

Here is the most recent poll from our sales reps across the country. If you've been following the trend, you can see that this week's numbers are slightly down from last week's high of 64% who had made at least one in person call in the past week. With COVID-19 infections ramping up and some states dialing back their reopening plans, in person sales calls are likely to be at a premium for the next 4-6 weeks. Here are your best selling options when available... Most desirable (as long as these calls are allowed and proper safety precautions are in place) Face to Face Moderately desirable (when Face to Face selling is not a possibility) Voice to Voice Least desirable (when left with no other o

ALF Preferred Provider Agreements

New research published in Health Affairs shows that utilization of hospice services among Medicare beneficiaries is greater in assisted living facilities (ALFs) than in other settings, including private homes. Hospices should, therefore, market their services intensively to ALFs. This finding is not surprising because management at assisted living facilities (ALFs) are often committed to keeping residents in their facilities for as long as possible. There are, of course, costs associated with filling vacancies. In addition, if residences remain empty for any length of time, profitability can be severely adversely affected. Consequently, to the extent that hospices can assist residents to

What Constitutes Fraud & Abuse in Sales?

Fraud and abuse compliance is more critical than ever for all providers. There may be nothing that destroys the value of businesses more quickly or significantly than a fraud and abuse compliance problem. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the primary enforcer of fraud and abuse prohibitions has stated that there are two major types of fraud and abuse compliance that must be addressed through ongoing evaluation processes: (1) submission of claims, and (2) standards and procedures reviews. There is no doubt that getting the submission of claims right is key to running a healthcare company that provides quality of care and makes m

First Wave Problems

You've been warned for months that the COVID-19 virus could potentially return in a second wave late this Summer or into Fall 2020. I've written on this site about the need to expect more short term lockdowns and quarantine situations. Well, it looks like it's not going to happen. Seriously... Why? Because the first wave of COVID-19 is continuing unabated as Americans gather in larger and larger groups, refuse to self isolate with symptoms, and go about their business spreading the disease. We are recording our highest ever single day jumps in new cases even as hotspots like NY and NJ continue their decline. So...what's the point? Mayors and Governors around the country have rolled back reop

Phase III Selling Has Arrived

Want normal? We're getting closer to what used to be considered normal as we speak. See the results of 2 polls we conducted last week. The question was "Over the past week, have you made any in person sales calls to your referral sources"? The first set of poll results is from the current Home Care Marketing Accelerator (COVID Edition) class. This group represents home health, hospice, and private duty. An incredible 55% of respondents said they either were making in person calls, or expected to in the coming week. The second set of results is from a group of private duty agencies in Florida taken during a webinar I put on with the Home Care Association of Florida. As you can see, a far lowe

Fraud and Abuse Limit Freedom of Choice

Fraud and abuse enforcers have stated periodically that one of the reasons they are so intent on prevention of violations is that they interfere with patients’ right to freedom of choice of providers. On May 18, 2017, in a speech at the American Bar Association 27th Annual Institute on Health Care Fraud, Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) explained why this is the case. First, Mr. Blanco stated: …let me be clear; health care fraud is a priority for the Department of Justice…The investigation and prosecution of health care fraud will continue; the department will be vigorous in its pursuit of those wh

Private Duty Lunch Chat

If you are a private duty agency, you have an incredible story to tell during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join me for the Home Care Association of Florida's Private Duty Lunch Chat this Friday June 5th for tips on how to tell that story. Many of my private duty clients are GROWING their revenues during the pandemic and you can too. You do not need to have an HCAF member to join the webinar. Details and registration are here.

Work, Life, Self Balance

On July 6, 2006 I founded Power Shot Training while sitting in a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. I was on the phone with my attorney and asked him to draft the articles of incorporation for a new home care training and consulting company. As I approach 14 years in business I've learned many lessons about balancing being a business owner with my personal life, and taking care of myself. This weekend I sat down to reflect on those years and here is a partial list of the things I've been fortunate enough to accomplish. Since 2006 I have been able to: 1. Write and have published 7 books. 2. Compete in 6 Ironman Triathlon races around the country 3. Compete in approximately

Non Compete Agreements Get Some Teeth

The Florida Supreme Court issued a decision that says that home care referral sources can be protected legitimate business interests under applicable statutes in Florida. (Elizabeth White v. Mederi Caretenders Visiting Services of Southeast Florida, LLC et al; Americare Home Therapy, Inc. v. Carla Hiles, No. SC16-28, September 14, 2017). In the first case, White began working at Caretenders as a marketing representative in 2010. Her primary responsibility was to solicit physicians and medical facilities for referrals to Caretenders in two designated counties. As a condition of employment, Caretenders required White to sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement. The non-compete agree

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