How Long Is Too Long

I had an interesting conversation last week with a sales manager that I'm working with. We discussed an individual on their sales team, and that person's performance. It seemed clear that this salesperson needed a change of strategy in order to start generating the type of results that were expected of them. So, we talked about "How long should it take to start seeing results?" and it got me to thinking. How long SHOULD it take to see results under the following circumstances? 1. Using your CURRENT strategy (assuming it's working) on accounts that haven't referred before We would expect to see results in about 2 weeks. 2. Using a NEW strategy on existing accounts, but with an experienced sal

Stock Market & Sales

If you haven't noticed, the US stock markets are on a tear. Overall, the markets are at or near their historical high levels, even though the day to day volatility swings are more severe than we've seen in recent memory. Whether you are an investor in stocks and bonds or not, I have a serious question to ask you. Think about your approach to, and results in your current sales or sales management role. If you were a stock, would you in invest in you? In sales that's what we call a "clarifying question". That is, it cuts right to the heart of the matter. So, would you? Would you take $1,000 (or any amount) of your hard earned money and invest it in you, believing you'd get your $1,000 back PLU

It's All About Team

It's Fall. Referrals are flowing at record pace. While business is great, this kind of volume puts pressure on your ops, admin, and clinical team to keep up. So, this week your mandate is simple. Recognize one team member from your agency each day. Go and tell them "thank you" face to face, buy them their favorite coffee, write them a hand written note. You get the idea. You need them on "Team You" to keep up with the influx of referrals so this week is a great time to solidify your team, and your annual sales results. EVERYONE loves being appreciated. If you missed our FREE team building webinar, you can watch the replay HERE. If you need quality sales training for your team, you can find i

Team Building Webinar Replay

If you missed our free webinar on the 5 Secrets To Building A High Performing Team, now you can catch it on the replay. Visit the replay link to find out the behavioral keys that help you manage and build your team to new heights of success. Watch the video here.

Driver or Passenger?

I was speaking to a client last week that is experiencing record setting revenue growth this year. Assuming (always a dangerous thing) that the Fall continues as it started they will finish well ahead of plan for the year and set a new annual revenue record. Great, right? How did they do it? They stuck by the plan that I always talk about and promote: "Have a good Summer and a great Fall" It got me to thinking about the 3 different approaches that agencies and reps take when the pace of referrals picks up during the Fall. 1. The Passenger: They sit in the passenger seat and let things happen as they will. They don't take an active part in the referral growth because they feel that someone or

How To Market Under The New CMS COPs

If you haven't heard, on November 29th, significant new changes to the Conditions of Participation from CMS go into effect for hospital discharge planners. Read all about it HERE. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to re-engage with hospital discharge planners and reposition your agency for success. Our "How To Market Under The New CMS COPs" webinar will take you step by step through our process for introducing quality measures, getting an audience with the right people, and winning more referrals. While these regulations currently apply to home healthcare, both hospice and private duty providers will also benefit from learning how to properly sell quality and separate yourself fro

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