New Discharge COPs & What They Mean To You

William James, the father of American psychology famously wrote: "Do everyday something you would rather not, so that when the hour of darkness comes, it will not find you unprepared" While I put the quote in more modern language than James did, the intent and sentiment is the same. Over the past 13+ years of my home care sales consulting career I have coached and implored agency reps to do the things they naturally avoided, knowing a day would come when they would no longer be able to avoid them. I've taught and mentored reps and agencies to sell their agency's capabilities more professionally and to stop the focus solely on "relationship building". That day has arrived. Below is a newslett

Senior Care Must Do #33

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Figure out how to be there, even when you can't be there. By the time you're reading this, I'll be undergoing knee surgery to fix the damage I did in jiu jitsu class a couple of months ago. Since I can't be on the job today, I figured it would be a good time to discuss how you can stay top of mind in your key referral sources even when you cannot be there in person. Let's face it, there are things that take you out of the field from time to time (aside from vacations or sick/personal time which can take even more) and we don't want to disappear from the minds of our best referral partners. Here are a few ideas of things you can do remotely to s

Lower Cost Sales Training Seminars

Introducing our "Hosted Seminar" option, new for 2020! If you'd like to bring Michael and Power Shot Training to your city, now it's easier than ever. With our new Hosted Seminar option you can get a full day of powerful sales training in your office, and offset the cost by allowing other area agencies to attend for a fee that you set. The Hosted Seminar option is simple and easy: 1. Choose your seminar date 2. Pay the seminar deposit 3. Invite other agencies to attend for a fee that YOU set. We'll help you promote the session on our social media, and in our newsletter 4. YOU collect and keep the revenue from other participants 5. Arrange for the training site and lunch 6. Get GREAT training

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #32

First - A FREE Webinar! Join me on Thursday October 10th for this free webinar "5 Secrets To Building A High Performing Team". Whether clinical, ops, admin, or sales, having a team that works together, that thrives together is imperative to success in the senior care industry. I'll show you who you have on your team, why they sometimes struggle to work together, and exactly what you can do to improve their performance in this one hour program. The webinar is FREE but you must pre register. Register Here! Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Check your calendar and realize it's NOT Christmas! During one of last week's coaching calls I got an interesting question from my client. I'm

Free Team Building Webinar

5 Secrets To Building A High Performing Team FREE webinar. October 10th, 2019 Noon EDT Understanding your team and their behaviors helps you manage them more effectively, resolve conflict, and get maximum performance. Join Michael Giudicissi for this powerful webinar that gives you tips and techniques to get the most from ANY team whether they be clinical, ops, admin, or sales. The webinar is free but you must register in advance. Register Here

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #31

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am: See how you rank Cold Calling/Prospecting Qualifying Sales Presentation Handling Objections Closing Follow Up Here are the basic parts of the home care industry sales process, and generally in the order they occur. This week I want you to critically rank how well you do each of these from the number 1 (this is what you are BEST at) to the number 6 (this is what you struggle with). You may need some outside help from your sales manager in order to get a good picture of your skill set....and an accurate rating is imperative to improving your sales results. You may notice that there is something missing from my list above that you probably conside

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #30

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter Tuesday 8:15am: Draft your Fall plan While I realize that Fall doesn't officially start for another few weeks, with the kids back in school and Labor Day in the past, the Fall selling season is here. This should be the absolute busiest time of the year for sales people in the senior care world. Physicians are back to work, elective surgeries will increase, and unfortunately the flu season will hit soon as well. I'm thrilled that most of my clients are running ahead of goal on a year to date basis. It's exciting to see how the work they put in all Summer is paying off. Even if you're not ahead however, here's what you need to do to finish off the year strong.

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