Senior Care Marketing Must Do #21

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Count your objections This week, you are out re-qualifying all of your key accounts, right? If you somehow missed that key objective, reset your schedule and get it done before the calendar hits July. As you go about your re-qualifying you have one more key piece of information to find out. What are they NOT referring to you? (for accounts, of course, that are not referring to you) Here's the unvarnished truth, if ANY referral source is not referring to you, they have an objection to doing so. The only accounts you have that do not have an objection to referring to you are the ones that say yes when you ask them to, and then actually refer. Eve

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #20

If you want more referrals, you must become a master closer. The better you are at closing, the more referrals you closed. How do you become a Master Closer? Attend one of our two workshops this Fall and learn the how, when, and how often to taking the relationships you've opened, and closing them! Senior Care Closing Workshop September 13, 2019 - Dallas, TX (location TBD) October 25, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ (location TBD) Register for one or both now! Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Clear the calendar for next week. If you've been following our sales training or this blog for at least 6 months, you know that this is an exciting time! It's our bi annual re-qualifying cy

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #19

Tuesday 8am: Read this newsletter Tuesday 8:30am: Sloooooow down.... 40 That's the average number of quality sales calls per week that my best reps make. 8 That's the number of average calls per day 8-9 That's the number of hours per day that most successful sales reps work 1+ That's the average amount of time you have per sales call. Are you using it? You have an entire hour (average) per sales call in order to get 40 good calls in per week. From travel, pre call planning, execution of the sales call, and post call recap, that's a lot of time. All too often however, I see reps in a rush to get from one call to the next....believing that more calls = more results. They walk in and out of doo

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #18

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Be careful what you ask for This week's lesson will be short and sweet. Ask for what you really want. When it comes to generating business, you should ask for the action you want your referral source to take, and not some diluted version of it. You might be saving yourself the rejection but you are not growing your business. Examples: 1. "If you have a patient that needs care, keep me in mind". Ok, I'll keep you in mind while I give these referrals to your competitor 2. "Let me know when you need me". Never, the answer is I'll never need you because there are 18 agencies waiting in the lobby to come and talk to me about the exact same thing you

Great Sales Names

I've been doing a lot of interviewing for my clients recently. One of the things that always jumps out at me is the candidate's name. While your name won't make or break you as a salesperson, people with memorable names are more easily remembered. So, just for fun, I've created the "Sales Name Generator" for you. Check it out below and then go to our Facebook Page to post your new sales name! Let the games begin...

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