Senior Care Sales Must Do #13

Before we begin this week's have 2 opportunities this week to get your sales training in before Summer begins. May 2-3 Senior Care Sales Workout! Workshop - The Linq Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV I have been cooking up some GREAT sales exercises and "workouts" for this workshop. You definitely will NOT sit and listen for 2 days. You'll be in the thick of things, working with me and each other to flex your sales skills. Add a great menu and a real, holistic workout each morning and you have a workshop unlike you've ever seen before. Registration Closes Wednesday May 1st! Senior Care Marketing Accelerator 10 Week Webinar Program Begins Tuesday April 30th. 10 Weeks of LIVE webina

Senior Care Sales Must Do #12

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15: Reflect By anyone's measure, March is over. You've had 3 weeks to audit your first quarter results and see if you are on track to hit your annual goals. By this point you are sitting at one of three eventualities: 1. You are behind plan (don't worry, we've got 9 months to catch up) 2. You are at plan (congratulations!) 3. You are ahead of plan (BIG congratulations!) So....where are you? The assessment process right now can really help you have a great sales year in 2019. Let's examine: 1. You are behind plan. You should be assessing how you spent your time, the accounts you are calling on, your closing skills, and your overall sales & marketing m

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #11

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 9am: Get 5x Better! You've been avoiding something. I know, because I've been watching you. You've been avoiding....(choose one or more of the following): 1. Qualifying your accounts properly 2. Becoming a more professional presenter 3. Directly and confidently handling objections 4. Closing for the business in every single sales call 5. Getting into those tough accounts with the nasty gatekeeper. So, how many did you choose? I want you to be better at whatever your shortcoming is. Your agency does too. So, here's how to improve. This week, identify 5 prospect accounts that you KNOW aren't any good. They don't have referrals, refuse to work with home c

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #10

First....the hotel block room rate of $53 per night closes this Wednesday April 10th. If you are attending our Senior Care Marketing Workout! (and you definitely DO want to attend!), you'll want to save on your hotel room at The Linq Hotel & Casino. All of the hotel and workshop details are HERE Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Don't take Twitter advice Last week while on Twitter I read a business leader's tweet that proudly proclaimed: "I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO" Just reading that saddened I responded "They are the same, they are both human" Why would you treat anyone differently because of the job they do? Why would you not

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