Senior Care Marketing Must Do #9

Are you meeting me in Las Vegas? May 2-3 is the Senior Care Sales Workout! The hotel block is filling up, and you don't want to miss the low, low $53 per night rate. All details and registration is right here. Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Beat Usain Bolt! can beat Usain. Maybe not at running, but at something...right? Believe me, you can. Read on.... Seriously, on July 4, 1891 Luther Cary ran a world record in the 100 meters race in 10.8 seconds. Now, that's really fast running, but would be last place in a race of today's elite 100 meter runners. What changed? In short, everything changed. Training, diet, coaching, identifying runners with elite level talent,

Senior Marketing Must Do #8

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am: Ask (and answer) Why Not? How many accounts do you have that have never referred to you? How many of them do you call on, on a regular basis? How much time do you spend weekly visiting accounts that have never referred to you? How long will you keep at it before you either get referrals, or move on? In sales, we're trained to focus on the customer's needs and wants. We ask ourselves (and them) what they want, what they need, what they don't like about their current vendor, etc. Here's a question you can ask yourself this week.....about every single account that you are calling on, that has never referred to you. "Why are they NOT referring to m

How Many "1 Per Month" Referral Sources Do YOU Have?

Last week, I took the opportunity to put a poll up in a number of senior care marketing Facebook groups. The poll looked like this.... The central question many "regular" referral sources have you developed that can and WILL refer to you at least 1x every month? Of course, more is better, but this 1 referral per month is the minimum we'll approve for an account to stay on our Top 20 Sales list. The results were not surprising to me, but might be to you.... 64% of the respondents had 4 or less accounts that referred to them at least 1 time per month. 80% of the respondents said they had 6 or less accounts that refer to them regularly, at least once per month. 1 in 5 respondents had

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #7

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Register for the Senior Care Sales Workout! Workshop (Hotel block is filling up!) Monday 8:30am: Get down on one knee I had an interesting coaching meeting with one of my coaching clients last week. This woman is very professional, skilled and experienced in sales, and willing to put in the work to succeed. She did, however, say one thing that made me pause. She was recounting one of her cold call/qualifying attempts and related the following: "The person I wanted to see wasn't there, so I talked the gatekeeper and said 'I brought this little treat for Sally, but since she's not here, now it's for you!'" Ouch..... So you know, I did immediately

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #6

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Stop saying it, start Proving it! What are you? In the sense of: What kind of salesperson are you, I mean? Are you caring, responsive, professional, organized, great communicator, etc? If so, starting this week I want you to STOP saying those things, and start PROVING them.'re probably saying "I already do that Michael", and you might be right. is the key question....are you that "thing" ALL the time, EVERY time? You see, when you tell someone they can count on you to be responsive, are you responsive every single time they call on you? If the answer is yes, kudos....well done. If the (more likely) answer is "most of the t

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #5

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am - Get rejected Huh? Remember this scene from Rocky III when Clubber Lang was beating the living snot out of Rocky? Rocky's old friend Apollo Creed kept yelling at Rocky to cover up, and get out of there. Only Pauly saw what was truly going on however... Pauly could see that Rocky was using the fuel of the beating to get mad, get fired up, and eventually win the fight. What's your fuel while selling? For most of us, it's success. Winning the new account, getting the referral, closing the deal all feels so good that we seek that feeling out again and again. The problem is, we don't always get that feeling on a regular what do you do th

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