3 Days Left To Save $100 on Las Vegas Sales Workshop!

Why pay more? Register for the incredible Senior Care Sales Workout! Workshop on May 2-3 at the Linq Hotel & Casino the Vegas Strip and save $100 with early registration. You get 2 days packed with powerful sales tips and training to pump up your referrals and census for only $499 per person. The Linq has given us a room block for an insane $53 per night!! Regular registration is $599 per person beginning on March 1st.....register today and save! See you in Vegas!

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #4

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:20am: STOP making sales calls Confused? I don't blame you. Please read on.... I've taken on a number of new coaching clients recently. Every single one of them is a delight to work with....they are open, enthusiastic, and eager to learn and grow. But, with that said their approach to many of their sales calls has not been effective...and here's why. While most sales reps can find a reason to make a sales call, they often enter the call without having a clear vision of how it will end. And that leads to wasted calls, and lack of referral performance. When you buy a new house and want to furnish it, you might go to a furniture store. Knowing that you w

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #3

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:30am: Let's Make A Deal I was talking to a sales manager last week about one of his reps. He recounted how this rep had not been making progress with some accounts that were considered important by the agency, Now, important means "they used to refer to us, but they don't anymore.....but we can't lose them". The reps current plan is to visit each and every week with coffee (maybe donuts too, but who knows) and talk to the key referral person. The referral person has stated their preference to using another agency and has not referred to this agency in months.....yet, the referral person still sits down every week and drinks a free coffee with this re

Senior Care Marketing Must Do #2

Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15: Stop singing "Let's Get Excited" I had a conversation last week with a homecare sales rep. When talking about 2 accounts that have yet to refer, this rep said (paraphrase): "Our last meeting went great, they were saying how excited they were to start working with us". Have you ever said, or thought this about one of your referral sources? If you have, you were wrong. Why? Does anyone really get "excited" about working with homecare or ALF, etc? Think about the adjective "excited". Does that really describe the way someone would interact on a regular basis with using your agency or referring to your facility? Doubtful....very doubtful. Are you exc

Vegas Room Block Now Open

Are you planning on joining me for the Senior Care Sales Workout! at The Linq Note & Casino in Las Vegas on May 2-3rd? Well then, get your rooms reserved early for only $53 per night!! That's right, with out special room rate you'll stay and play at the upscale Linq for about 50 bucks a night! Reserve your rooms here Register for the conference here Email Michael your questions here And then I'll see you.....here....

SENIOR Care Marketing Must Do #1

That right....after 62 weekly tips, techniques, and strategies...our old friend the Monday Marketing Must Do has moved on into retirement. Why, you ask? Simple....our strategies, tips, and techniques just wound up working TOO well for ALF, ILF, and SNF providers too....so we're inviting them ALL in for the fun. This rebrand better represents the audience of clients and readers we are appealing to. If you serve seniors and depend on referrals to grow your business, you are in the right place. Monday 8am: Read this newsletter Monday 8:15am: Go back in time.... When I wrote the paragraph above, I had to do a double take. Has it really been 62 weeks of advice and sales tips since we started the

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